Use Yoga For Your Health

To the yoga practitioner, yoga is a way to get in tune with your mind and body, but to many other people, yoga is just a mysterious eastern cult that claims to improve both your mental and physical health. For some people, yoga is nothing but sitting in the lotus position and repeating a mantra. And still others think yoga is nothing but quackery. No matter where you are in the debate, you have probably heard that yoga is good for your health.

Recent studies have shown that yoga can be a safe method to increase your physical activity. These same studies also show that there are numerous psychological benefits due to the meditative nature of yoga. You not only get a stronger body with improved flexibility, but your get a stronger, more flexible mental attitude. Therefore, using yoga for your health is a positive benefit on many levels.

Some studies have shown that when you practice yoga, you become more in tune with your body, mind and spirit. These studies show that when you get these aspects of your life in harmony, you are able to improve your health, happiness and other areas of your life.

There are numerous reasons to start practicing yoga for your health. Many people take up yoga simply as an exercise program because of medical Ayurveda in rishikesh reasons, such as a back injury. Others take up yoga because of a knee injury prevents them from jogging or other strenuous exercise. Many athletes take up yoga to improve their flexibility.

As with any exercise program, yoga can improve your health by increasing your muscle strength and flexibility and your respiratory endurance. It also tends to reduce pain and inflammation by increasing the oxygen supply into the blood stream which helps to flush the body and eliminate toxins.

Another health benefit of yoga is increased positive mental state, lowered levels of aggressiveness, anxiety and excitability. People who practice yoga tend to be in better health and have fewer physical complaints and illnesses. Yoga health benefits include getting more restful and restorative sleep.

Yoga can be practiced by virtually anyone at any age. You don’t need specialized equipment, maybe just a yoga mat to practice your positions on. You can buy a DVD or even find an exercise program on TV if you don’t want to take the time to go to a gym for classes.

Remember; don’t over strain yourself when you start. The instructors on these videos have been practicing yoga for years and are extremely limber. You will not be able to match all of their movements, just do what is comfortable. The old theme, “No Pain, No Gain” is not true with yoga. Start slow, and gradually build up in order to obtain the best benefits from using yoga for your health.



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