Types of Central Heating Systems

There are many different types of Central Heating Systems available. Most if not all of these Central Heating Systems comprise of a boiler, radiator and pipework.

Due to the average temperature that is seen across the UK, Europe and in certain parts of Russia, people barely find the need for air conditioning. Most of us need a decent heat supply far more; this is why the majority of new houses that are being built in this day and age are built with a Cv storing Central Heating System.

Heating is vital, especially as winter is fast approaching. Heating your home provides a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Your Central Heating System needs to be reliable. You should feel that your Central Heating System is safe, easy to use and long lasting.

There are two main types of Central Heating Systems; pumped/vented and sealed systems.

Pumped/vented systems are the most common. A pumped/vented Central Heating System has a feed and expansion tank. The tank supplies your house with hot water and provides the radiators with heat. The tank makes way for any water expansion that is caused by the heating process. The tank is placed in the highest place, normally the loft area. It heats the house and doubles as the water supply.

A pumped/vented Central Heating System is what most homes probably have, especially those built many years earlier.

A slightly newer, more up-to-date boiler that many people are choosing over a pumped/vented central heating system is a sealed system. A sealed system, as the name suggests is a closed system so no water tanks are needed. There are no tanks or pipework in the loft, the whole system is sealed, its unvented, which has its benefits:

Β No risk of freezing pipes in the loft

No maintenance work on the tank or pipes that would be in the loft in a pumped/vented system

Β Reduces the risk of leaking

Β Reduced risk of airlocks, corrosion and sludge as there isn’t a chance of air being drawn down into the system through open vents as the system is sealed

Β Can be flushed out under pressure if needed by the mains water supply

A sealed Cv storing Central Heating System is a packaged unit with all the necessary controls and safety devices. The water for a sealed Central Heating System is supplied direct from the main water supply. It feeds directly from the main water supply.

Normal variations of pressure can be allowed in a sealed system through a pressure vessel that contains compressed gas; this is separated from the sealed system water by a diaphragm. If the pressure becomes too high in a sealed Central Heating System; a safety valve will allow water to escape from the system and if the pressure drops too low a valve will open to refill the system with water.

Central Heating Systems are worth the money as they are cheaper to run than any other form of heating. They also offer you all round control which is more than most heating systems do.



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