Thinking of Buying Your First Wetsuit?

Almost everywhere that offers scuba training will rent you scuba gear at a reasonable rate. These places almost always have used dive equipment for sale. The upside to renting dive gear while in training is that you will know if you like the wetsuits they are selling, if it keeps you warm and if you can maneuver in it. Dive shops usually rent the most durable wetsuits they can so they last through the dive season and then sell them at a discount price at the end of the year. They are not the most comfortable wetsuits on the market because of the durability factor. Not to say wetsuits can’t be durable and comfortable because they can be both. Dive shops buy the cheapest wetsuits available with good reason. Rental wetsuits take a beating because they get worn more in a week than an individual would wear one in a couple of years.

After you get certified it is a good idea to keep renting wetsuits for a while to make sure you will want to or will be able to scuba dive enough to make it worth purchasing one. If you are only going to scuba diving hoodies once or twice a year then it might be better to rent a wetsuit for the weekend. Renting will help you to know what you want or don’t want in a wetsuit. If you’re going to do a lot of lake diving then renting will let you know if you need something warmer like a 3mm or even a 5mm wetsuit.

I know a lot of people that get certified and scuba dive for one season then never scuba dive again. The last thing you want is a high dollar wetsuit hanging on your ab worker next to your stair stepper sitting by your treadmill. Yes I have all these glorified clothes hangers too. My point is there is no need to get in a hurry to buy something you don’t like or do not need. Maybe you just don’t have the time to scuba dive very often. So rent until you do have the time to dive as much as you want or you are sure you will continue to scuba dive. When it comes to wetsuits the most expensive does not necessarily mean the best.

Find the time to scuba dive; find a place near home to dive and dive often. While you’re at it get the whole family involved and have the time of your lives. When you’re ready to make the purchase, your wetsuit will be available for you.

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