The best diet for slimming for a month, this is how you lose 20 kilos easily

Many people want to know the best diet for weight loss, as weight gain is a problem that haunts all men and the diets that a man can follow to lose fat vary.
The path begins with the will when a person wants to lose his extra weight, he follows a path to find an ideal diet in it in order to lose the weight he wants from his body, and many men suffer from health problems that require certain diets or the modification of the normal diet followed in order to suit his health condition.The best diet to lose weight for a month

Through a different website , we will learn about the best slimming diet for those who are wondering about an inexpensive diet to lose weight because many systems are expensive and cumbersome. Here are the best slimming diets without gym to lose weight 20 kilos in a month as follows:
first week
ā€¢ The best diet for slimming breakfast: two boiled eggs – a loaf of toast – a cup of green tea – a loaf of toast.
ā€¢ Lunch: Chicken breast (boiled or grilled) – 3 tablespoons of rice – a large mixed salad plate.
ā€¢ Dinner: a large cup of skimmed yogurt – flax seeds – a large salad plate – two types of fruit of your choice.
second week
ā€¢ Breakfast: a loaf of toast – a cup of milk, provided that it is fat-free and without sugar – a fruit of your choice – a cup of green tea.
ā€¢ Lunch: a can of tuna without oil – a large salad – two types of fruits of your choice.
ā€¢ Dinner: vegetable soup without broth – a cup of fat-free yogurt.
the third week
ā€¢ The best diet for slimming breakfast: a piece of cottage cheese – 2 cucumbers – 4 tablespoons of beans without oil.
ā€¢ Lunch: two grilled fish – a large mixed salad dish – 3 tablespoons of rice or pasta – pineapple juice without sugar.
ā€¢ Dinner: vegetable soup only.
fourth week
ā€¢ Breakfast: a cup of skimmed yogurt – flax seeds – a loaf of toast – 5 nuts – a grapefruit.
ā€¢ Lunch: lentil soup without meat – two options.
ā€¢ Dinner: a loaf of toast bread – a plate of yogurt salad with cucumbers.
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Diet diet for a month loses 10 kilos

It is necessary to check with your doctor before starting any diet and this diet in particular and we remind you to follow the best diet for slimming in the absence of contraindications or health diseases and we will now put before you a daily diet plan that can be adhered to to lose 10 kilograms of your weight in a month:
ā€¢ Start the day with two cups of warm water to get rid of body toxins, prevent constipation, control fats, fight obesity, and stimulate blood flow to the body’s organs, before breakfast.
ā€¢ Breakfast is a meal of oats by placing half a cup of oats on half a cup of skimmed milk.
ā€¢ And a teaspoon of honey and mix it with a little chopped apple or black grapes.
ā€¢ Breakfast is just one egg that gives you 78 calories in addition to a cup of green tea, which improves the process of burning calories and contains healthy proteins that give you a feeling of satiety.
ā€¢ You can round out this meal by making an omelet with chopped onions and tomatoes with a cup of green tea.
Snack after breakfast
This meal can be eaten before noon and will make you feel full until lunch. It consists of:
ā€¢ Eat a piece of fresh fruit of your choice to get more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
ā€¢ In addition to strengthening the immune system and controlling hunger, such as bananas, watermelon, oranges or a glass of green grapes.
ā€¢ Drink green tea with Marie biscuits in a weight loss diet because it is a light drink that is suitable for drinking between breakfast and lunch.
ā€¢ Vegetable soup is the most suitable meal for lunch as it contains many vitamins and antioxidants and is rich in healthy fibers that will make you feel full. Prepare a large bowl of vegetable soup with slices of toasted brown bread.
ā€¢ Egg sandwich If you opt for breakfast other than an omelet, you can have an egg lunch with sliced onions and tomatoes with a little lettuce.
ā€¢ Brown rice with salad is an ideal meal rich in healthy fibers and antioxidants and works to lose more weight, and this meal is half a cup of brown rice with a small bowl of green salad.
Snack before dinner
ā€¢ Nuts are an excellent source of energy and you can eat walnuts or almonds and pistachios, they are an ideal option for losing weight and controlling hunger until the evening.
ā€¢ Boiled eggs are also perfect for that pre-dinner snack, if you didn’t opt for them in previous meals, you can get protein and control weight loss with a cup of green tea is ideal and healthy for weight loss.
ā€¢ The perfect orange juice to have when following an easy weight loss diet is a light pre-dinner drink that is packed with Vitamin C that keeps calories at a good level.
ā€¢ Chicken soup with noodles is ideal in this diet for dinner for weight loss, preferably a cup of soup and be hot to give you at least 150 calories.
You can eat a meal of vegetables with whole wheat and vegetables are carrots, beans and tomatoes with onions and these vegetables give low calories.

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