Taking Care of Curly Wigs for Black Women

There are so many beautiful wigs for black women available. They come in all lengths and textures that anyone maybe seeking. One very gorgeous style is the curly wig for black women. They can be found from long spiral curls to small tight curls. Having all these bouncy curls can make any woman look exceptional and make her stand out in a crowd.

Curly wigs are so full of body but, are not low maintenance like some other types of wigs. These wigs require using the right hair care to keep them in good condition. If the wigs are made of synthetic fibers, use only the products recommended for synthetic wigs and never apply any heat to these kinds of wigs. When it comes to styling real wigs, using you own regular hair care products won’t cause any damage. Both the synthetic and the real wigs don’t need to be wash as often as your own real hair. These wigs will need to be cleaned properly to remove any sweat and styling products that may have started to build up. If they’re not maintained properly, this could ruin the wigs and may cause an unpleasant smell. Just follow these simple steps below to wash your wig:

1) Wash it in a shallow basin or sink with cool or lukewarm water and a small amount of wig shampoo. Mix the shampoo into the water then, add the wig. Do not rub the wig just swish it around gently.

2) Then gently rinse it off in basin or sink with cool water.

3) Fill the basin or sink again with cool water and mix in a small amount of conditioner. Swish the wig in mixture gently and then remove without rinsing.

4) Lay it out on towels to dry. If needed, pat dry to remove excess water and remember don’t rub it.

5) Using a wide tooth comb gently take out the tangles and like always when untangling hair, start at the tips and work your way up to the roots. Then let it air dry on a wig stand.

Curly wigs that are made of real hair are very durable and can last well over a year with the right care. Synthetic wigs on the other hand, will only last a few months with regular use but, may last longer with the right care and maintenance. Another tip is to always finger comb your curly wigs to get the tangles out. Along with getting tangled these wigs are prone to frizz. Using a leave in conditioner will work fine for this kind of problem. Taking the time to care properly for any wig will make it last a long time.


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