Statement Printing Solutions For Efficient Business

What is your company’s core competency? Healthcare? Law? Business Consulting? Whatever it is, it’s unlikely that your corporate mission includes a line about statement printing and online billing. But that doesn’t mean that these facets of operating a business are any less important.

In the drive towards competitive excellence, the ramping up of many businesses quickly outstrips their ability to handle the increasing amount of paperwork, invoicing, clerical duties and other administrative tasks. This can become an immense hindrance to cash flow – especially after your company has already delivered its service but is still awaiting payment.

The biggest barrier to swift, timely payments is in the invoicing method. When customers receive printed statements in the mail, they often get placed at the bottom of a to-do stack. Even with enclosed business reply envelopes and payment coupons, these paper invoices often get put off until the last minute of the end of the month. In the interim, these bills can be lost or forgotten, which results in delinquency and oftentimes, customer disputes.

The most effective solution to this problem is to offer a wide variety of alternative payment methods. By making payment quick and convenient, customers will be more willing and able to pay on time and in ways that are suitable for them and your staff. AΒ  Digital printing better solution than statement printing is electronically delivered invoices with actionable payment options included. A customer can easily make a payment by credit card or check when the item is on their mind and schedule the next payment or authorize a recurring payment for ongoing services and subscriptions. This effectively removes this chore from their lives and guarantees timely payment for you.

Streamlined invoicing translates into a freeing up of resources for your staff. Administrative and clerical workers who were tied down with complaints about late payments, requests for new invoices and inquiries into delinquent payments can be free to focus on streamlining their daily tasks and improving the overall operations of the operation.

The best method for relieving your staff from the losing battle against an onslaught of pending invoices and statements is to partner with a billing outsourcing firm. By letting an outsourced revenue cycle firm to handle your accounts receivable, you can be assured that {a full time, highly qualified staff is taking care of one of the most vital, but often overlooked aspects of your business. The best bill outsourcing companies will be able to work with your current data output and set up a system that streamlines your operation without disrupting business as usual.


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