Refresh Your Space NOW With Wall Graphics or Wall Art

As the seasons change, most people get the itch to redecorate or change up their home. Whether your home or business, chances are you spend enough time in that area to make a decorating change important. From painting the walls a new color to purchasing new furniture to changing the layout of the room, redecorating or remodeling can become costly and take time. Before bringing out the paint brushes or saw, think about reasonably cheaper (and less messy) alternatives to refreshing your space.

1. Wall Graphics
Can’t decide on what color to paint your room? Have you wanted to try to do something different with stripes or images, but lack the artistic talent? wall graphics designs are great options when thinking about redecorating any room. Wall decals are a vinyl sticker that can be affixed to the wall for a cheaper design option. A colorful cartoon character as a wall graphic adds fun to a children’s room. Choose a monochromatic pattern or silhouette in a living room for a modern chic look. The options are endless!

2. Wall Art
One of the easiest ways to change the theme of a room is through wall art. Most craft or home dΓ©cor stores offer an assortment of art at a variety of prices for any budget. Check out sites like Pinterest or Houzz for DIY inspiration for those on a tighter budget. Wall art not only brings a different aspect to any room, but also adds life and perspective to your decor. Photographs make great wall art options, and bring something personal to your room.

3. Pops of Prints and Patterns
It can take something simple such as refreshing a significant pattern in order to make your room feel brand new. Try covering old pillows in a new fabric, or adding pops of pattern in your wall graphics design. Chevron stripes or linear patters are popular graphic wall art options. By adding a pattern with a different primary color, your room will be refocused and the theme will change. Looking to refresh your business? A simple print or pattern offers sleek and professional modern updates to any work space.

A room can be instantly refreshed through using wall graphics, decals, wall art, or pattern changes. Be ready to have your guests or clients “ooo” and “ahh” over the subtle and refreshed looks you’ve added to your space. These options cannot only be temporary, but can be relatively cost efficient.

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