Managing Alcohol Detox At A Detox Center

An alcohol detox center can help an individual suffering from an addiction cleanse their body of the harmful toxins. These centers normally focus on the physical withdrawal from harmful substances by helping the individual suffering stay in a safe place while experiencing detox. Alcohol Detox is the first step in the road to recovery from an addiction and is a requirement for most rehab programs before admission.

Detox Facts

There are many factors regarding detox that should be known before entry into such a program. These facts will help decide which program is best and how to proceed after detox. An alcoholic involved in the recovery process with a positive attitude is the best weapon against relapse.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol is a sedative that decreases the respiration rate and depresses the central nervous system. This can cause coma or death. It is an addictive substance and the body can become dependent on it. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can starts within 24 to 48 hours after the level of alcohol in the blood drops. These symptoms can last up to a week. Symptoms include increased blood pressure, as was an increased heart rate and body temperature. Delirium, nausea, vomiting, seizures and in the rare case, death, are also associated with the withdrawal from alcohol. Alcohol affects every organ in the body, for this reason there are often co-occurring medical disorders and chronic illnesses associated with alcoholism.

Detox vs. Rehab

Although there are many rehabilitation programs that offer detox, they should not be confused as the same process. Detox is the process by which a body is cleansed of harmful toxins. This must occur first before any rehabilitation can happen. Often times rehab centers will offer detoxification services in addition to rehabilitation services.


The purpose of detox is to stabilize the addict. By the time detox is reached, an individual suffering from alcoholism is in a physical and mental crisis. This is why it’s so important to physically stabilize the individual to allow for further care and treatment.

Medical Care

Medical care and treatment while going through alcohol detoxification is a necessity. Alcohol Detox alone is a very dangerous and risky thing, and medical supervision is recommended and required. The medical team can help manage the withdrawal symptoms and monitor medical stability as well to allow for a safer and smoother detoxification process.


While detoxification is the main goal, ongoing support and counseling is important as well. Many detox centers offer round the clock staff who are supportive in the detox process. Once an individual is medically stable more focus can be placed on co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other disorders.


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