Hot Air Balloons Are Good For Business and a Great Day Out

One of the best ways to advertise your business is to use a Hot Air Balloon and it is considered to be one of the fastest new forms of advertising. A hot Air Balloon becomes a very mobile Billboard and can travel and is viewed over many miles by thousands of people.

They can provide a very dramatic and lasting impression on the consumer especially at wine country balloon rides festivals as many are photographed and reported some are videoed and can be available on you tube and other internet video sites.

Specially designed Hot Air Balloons that have a funny shape or have a much known recognisable shape can be the most stunning advertising concepts. I was recently at a show in Bristol UK and there was a vast array of different special shaped kinds.

It was great to see some shaped like Beer cans and others shaped like bottles of fizzy pop these forms of advertising can bring a big impact they can be seen over such a wide range of area and have a very lasting impression on the consumers.

A Hot Air Balloon travelling over a busy city centre is likely to catch the attention of over 90% of the people in the city this is a great medium and has chance of raising your company’s awareness providing a lasting with consumers that people remember long after the event has passed.

Having one made for advertising, is not as expensive as people imagine compared to large TV ad champagne. It has a longer and more effective publicity as it can be flown most days in summer and brought and flown at festivals.

Good photographs of them are very good for promotional pictures in your company’s literature and can enhance your marketing strategy. There are many forms of advertising and most cost serious money but sometimes you have to consider that using a Hot Air Balloon could be a cost effective method for your companies needs.

At most festivals most of the Hot air Balloons have now got advertising slogans on them or are shaped like a product. As they drift across the sky producing and awe inspiring spectacle that emblazes your company logo in the sky.

They are the original way man has learnt to fly and ever since the first Hot Air Balloons took to the sky they have always managed to stir something within us to look up into the sky and wonder.

A balloon ride is a excellent day out and well worth looking into but remember that safety is very important within this industry and what goes up will come down and having flown in a Hot Air Balloon then it does come down quite often with a bump even with the most experienced pilots.

They are great fun and gliding over the countryside silently looking down at the ground from an unusual angle often seeing familiar objects from a very different angle makes you realise how special a Hot Air Balloon flight can be.


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