Gel Nail Polish Manicures

Gel nail polish is one of the new beauty crazes sweeping the nation. Introduced in 2010, this gel manicure is brushed on in several layers and hardens under a UV light. It is applied, usually at the salon, and then “set” under the UV light. A gel polish manicure typically lasts for two weeks or longer, beating even the best regular manicure by several days.

One of the best features of this type of polish is how quickly it dries and hardens. You can apply the gel color and have awesome nails within minutes, without fear of smudges or bumps.

Gel nail polish is perfect for professional women that wash their hands frequently. Doctors and chefs or other medical and food service employees can enjoy beautiful nail art for weeks at a time, as opposed to a day or two with regular polish. Even crafters can enjoy weeks of beautiful nails with gel nail color.

When you’re moving into a new home, you can guarantee your fingernails will get bumped and scratched along the way. Applying gel will keep your fingernails looking awesome from the packing stage to the unpacking stage.

Creating easy to remove nail art is simple with this type of polish. Gel nail color cannot be removed with regular polish remover. Simply paint your fingernails the base gel color. Then use regular nail polish to create designs on your nails. You can easily remove the design with regular nail polish remover, while the base color remains for up to three weeks.

While you can get incredibly awesome fingernails by having the gel color applied at the salon, at-home gel nail kits are also available. It’s important to understand and follow the directions precisely for an accurate application; if a steady hand is not your forte, you may want to consult a professional.

If a salon or at-home kits are out of your price range, then there are gel polishes available for a home gel manicure for a fraction of the price. Using an at-home kit to apply gel nail color can be a little tricky. If your results leave you with a tacky finish, keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol on hand to clean it up. You can also find instant gel polish strips that make applying it even easier!

Applying a gel manicure is actually pretty simple, as long as it is followed correctly. The process includes a base coat, gel polish, top coat, cleanser and several minutes under a UV light. The cleanser finishes your gel manicure to a high-shine finish. Gel nail color can be applied to natural or artificial nails and lasts longer than nail color with China clay hardeners.

For beauty salons, applying gel color to create awesome nails can be a great moneymaker! Today’s women want more than beautiful nails; today’s women want beautiful nails that last longer than ever.


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