Finding the Best Designer Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Although sunglasses are often associated with summer and staying out in the sun, they’re an accessory that can be worn year-round. In this case, you’ll want a pair of designer sunglasses that flatters your face shape. The pair of designer sunglasses you purchase needs to be high-quality, especially if they’re not a seasonal item, but also need to fit your personal sense of style. Consider some of these suggestions when you’re looking for a pair of shades.

Those who have round faces often have a difficult time finding the most flattering eyewear. Trends change, with some going more toward rounded styles and going toward angular styles another. The past 20 years, for example, saw the popularity of wraparound and oversized looks – neither of which is flattering to someone with a rounded face – but also wayfarers. In general, designer round sunglasses should contrast with the shape of a person’s face, and, in this case, wayfarers, cat eye, and butterfly styles would all suit someone with a rounded visage.

Having a square face – or having a strongly angular jaw – also proves to be difficult when you’re looking for the right face shape. In this case, contrast and size are both important factors to consider. If your face is square, pick a rounded pair of designer sunglasses that doesn’t cover a large part of your face. In this case, oversized sunglasses are out, but aviators and rounded wayfarers would both go well.

Those who have long or narrow-shaped faces, on the other hand, often have the easiest time choosing. In this instance nearly all types of frames on the market contrast with the shape of the person’s face. Oversized sunglasses, although rounded, are circular and won’t cover a large portion of the individual’s face. Wayfarers and cat eye styles, similarly, have rounded and sharp lines that also contrast.

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