Fashion Hats Can Be Worn With Style

Be an original, what does that mean? Being an original is taking something old, outdated or from a celebrity and creating a new style of your own. For example you can view music videos of Michael Jackson and notice that he uses hats that fits and matches his outfit. For example if he was wearing a black & white suit with his white socks and black loafer shoes; he wore a black “gangsta” hat to complete his unique image and use that hat to deliver a message to the audience.

You can do the same when you dress for any event. For example: When going to a conference, you can wear a stylish fitted hat that matches your personality and delivers a message to your peers, friends or family.

Also, make sure the hats and outfit are color coordinated, meaning the colors to your hat matches your outfit. Ladies, big overdecorated “fancy” hats should be worn only for special events with a simple and plain outfit. You would say, what is a simple and plain outfit? What is a “fancy” hat?

A “fancy” hat is made of man-made materials usually tightly woven with a large bow on the side, or multiple bows in pink, pastel green, yellow and possibly red. Therefore if you desire to wear a hat like this make sure your outfit is plain. A plain outfit can be a basic black dress, or muted green dresses, these dresses have no prints or designs on the fabric; which can bring the whole outfit together when wearing a “fancy” hat.

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