Does Finding Your Passion Mean The Money Will Follow?

When I look at the common areas where people get stuck – boredom in relationships, wanting to up-level their career but not knowing how, desperately wanting to be out of a particular circumstance – there are often telltale signs of one particular energy: anger. I’m actually surprised at how often this is the case. But anger serves an interesting purpose of its own… to create distance.

The concept of anger creating distance is easy enough to understand in relationships Understanding Banter. But have you ever thought about how anger distances prosperity?

I also wanted to know whether prosperity is an ENERGY or a RESULT. What do you think? I think it might be both. One thing’s for sure, you have to know what your currency is. Think of yourself as a conductor of positive energy currents, and converting that currency into currency. Prosperity to a human might be cash. But to a bird it might be worms. And to a cat it might be a warm lap to sleep in. So know your currency!

I delved right into this topic, and here are the top tips my research uncovered about the energy of prosperity…

How to Raise Your Prosperity Energy

Make a decision to let go of the past. That is where you start. It’s funny how the past sneaks up to bite us in the rear end when we aren’t looking. What do you need to let go of?
Invest in yourself to a level that you’ve never done before, and you just might break your money ceiling. In what way could you invest in yourself – hire a business manager, join a high-end master mind group?
Realize that maybe there’s no need to raise prosperity energy, because prosperity is already there. Some people believe that what you want is already there; it’s just waiting for your energy to resonate with it. How can you cause your energy to resonate with what you want to create?
Be grateful every day, and say what you are grateful for out loud! I love that, and I’ve re-opened my gratitude journal recently after putting it down because I was tired of repeating myself! Now I look for the blessings I’ve received one day at a time – what 5 things are you thankful for today?
Watch your words. You may be thinking prosperity, but speaking from lack. Words have powerful energy. What does your language reveal about your prosperity energy?
Have faith in yourself – it’s just as important as faith in anything (or anyone else). Make a list of 10 things you believe, then review your list… you might be surprised at your answers and what they reveal, and you may have more faith than you realize.
Look to nature – budding flowers, fresh cut grass, or birds bathing in the fountain. Nature always prospers and thrives. And you are a part of nature, therefore you prosper, too! You can “breathe in” nature to restore your own energy, and the energy of prosperity energy!
Notice how thinking about money (rather than prosperity) could be increasing your negative energy. Maybe you feel a sense of greed, or maybe even desperation. Maybe you’re judging yourself by your productivity or your statistic. Instead, change your thoughts to those about prosperity, and see what happens. Think about compassion, clarity, reverence, wisdom, beauty, forgiveness… and notice how ALL your positive energies increase, including your prosperity energy.
Choose one thing to appreciate, and appreciate it SO much that you start to feel your heart fill with love. When you feel THAT, send energy to that thing you’re appreciating. You’ll create an energy field between you, and as you focus on the prosperity it already brings you, you’ll also feel your own energy rise.
Find something you feel passionate about. When you feel something to your core… when you feel like all your senses are engaged… when that activity or concept gets you completely excited… you’ve raised all your energy, including the energy of prosperity!
So does finding your passion mean the money will follow? Well, that may be more of a question of fulfilling your passion than just finding it. But to be sure, if your energy and mindset are on a negative path, no action in the world will do any good. You can make 100 calls a week. You can send out thousands of direct mail pieces. You can blast out advertisements and press releases until the cows come home! If your energy and mindset are off, all the action in the world won’t matter.

Which two of the above ideas will you implement first?

Remy Chausse is the bestselling author of “Living Life As An Exclamation Point!” She’s one of the leading experts in optimism and believes, “We all have at least one true passion in life… but more than that, we have a legacy. We weren’t put on this earth to struggle or just survive. We were put here to express our one unique strength, and that uniqueness IS our legacy.”

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