Development Plans For Teens in Choosing A Career

Choosing a career is not easy, especially when you are a teenager. In pursuing the right career, teenagers want the right information, advice and guidance. This is very important because choosing a wrong career path would result in much wasted time, effort, money and frustrations.

Teenagers today are at an advantage since they grew up with much technological advances. The abilities of the teenagers must be considered first, in choosing the right career Resume whisperer. This includes their intellectual levels; such as one’s worldview, educational qualifications and their skill sets. Knowing the abilities of the teenagers is very important especially in choosing the right career.

Teenagers are at an awkward time in their life, many are still seeking their own identity. They want guidance and advice to equip them with the right training towards their career. Parents can help their teens in this aspect by identifying their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Most colleges offer a free career assessment and aptitude test or you can take a free one online. You can do a search for free career assessment and aptitude test. This can be very helpful in determining the capability of your teen.

Once assessed, your teen must decide the kind of job they would like doing and consider the company they will be applying to. What is the company’s culture? Will you be happy working for such a company and its environment? They must have thorough information on the kinds of benefits that the company offers. Knowing whether the job will be a long or short-term opportunity and the career advancements available for their workers will help in their decision. Why contend with companies which offer little benefits or won’t get you where you want to go?

While good planning can help for a career choice, many teenagers won’t stay at their first job. Most teenagers when hired, will experience difficulty in adjusting to their first job. Pressures in meeting deadlines and in accomplishing tasks will cause much stress. If this is not properly addressed, it may also cause nervousness and fears to meet the daily challenges in the new work environment.

If this should ever occur, there are counseling centers available to assist in this area. Experts in their respective fields, such as psychologists, run these centers. They are health experts, human resource managers, and career counselors who can help your teen in assessing themselves, to understand their needs and implement the right action. Choosing the right career is one of those actions; the full utilization of the career is another. However, the teen’s right attitude, outlook in life, their dreams and aspirations will not be all learned from these counseling centers. The best counseling that teens can experience, is acquired from their families.

The family is the most influential factor to the teenager’s choice of careers. The parents must broaden their understanding on what the teen want, so the right support can be given. The attitudes of teens towards their career is affected by what they hear from their parents. If parents are always complaining about their job, most likely, the teenager would reject the same kind of career. If the parents have enjoyed their job, are content and happy, then there is a great possibility that their teens will follow the same career path. Consider these development plans when helping your teen choose the right career.


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