Crystals and Gemstones: Where Do They Come From, How Do They Work

Crystal healing therapists are now accepted and recognized worldwide, the popularity of Bergkristalle healing is growing worldwide.

Crystals and gemstones have been used by mankind for thousands of years as physical ornaments to decorate, heal, protect and celebrate magical rituals and religious ceremonies.

Crystal healing and spiritual healing are holistic therapies, which mean that the focus is on the individual as a whole, rather than mere physical symptoms alone. The aim of both therapies is to restore wholeness, balance and health to the mind, body, and spirit.

Crystal healing is used to enhance and speed up healing of a wide range of disorders affecting the human being.

Crystals and gemstones is the most stable and organized matter in the natural world and represent the state of lower entropy (disorder) possible.

All crystal structures are formed by atoms in multidimensional order and they follow a precise mathematical sequence. This structure of crystallization has a high level of stability.

It also gives the crystals their unique colors, hardness, physical, geometric and subtle properties.

Gems and crystals have an amazing ability to absorb, store, reflect and irradiate light in the form of intelligent fields of stable energy which increases the flow of life force into the physical and subtle bodies.

Applying this stable energy or crystal resonance consistently and focused on the dysfunctional energy system, this will restore stability and balance.

Aligned with heaven, Crystals were born from Mother Earth’s womb, which gives them their unique aura of magic and mystery. They never lose their color, glow, beauty or value, in many of ancients’ civilizations; this would align them with the world of spirits and heaven.

Proof exists that the use of crystals and gemstones as jewelry remotes at least to the Paleolithic Era. The first written records of crystal healing come, possibly from ancient Egyptians, who held detailed recipes about the use of gems or crystals, like malaquite, to heal.

We still have ayurvedic and tantric texts of scholars who knew the amazing potential of precious stones. They were prescribed to protect against negative planetary influences, and they could be used as jewelry or ingested orally as pastes or oxides to influence the aura, and also flow through the nervous, lymphatic and nadis (energy channels that allow the flow of prana or life force energy).

Crystals are mentioned many times in the Bible, and in metaphysical circles it is believed that certain crystals are naturally attuned to the angelic realm. This alignment can be due to its color, appearance or angelic name, as angelita or celestite. It may also be due to its high level of resonance, which naturally tunes who wears them with the higher spiritual realms.

When people talk about crystal healing, they usually mean the ‘laying on’ of stones of different vibration rates onto the body in order to obtain healing and change.

It may also involve laying out different energy grids or specific patterns of crystals and gemstones around the body.


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