Are Residential Treatment Programs Successful?

In most cases they most certainly do succeed. There will always be some young people, for whatever reason or reasons, who do not find a way out of their problems. But the vast majority of residents go home after their residential treatment center stay as a new and far better person.

There are benefits from a successful stay in a center apart from the young troubled teen who manages to turn their life around. The family of the teen can discover a new way of life once the troubled teen moves out of the home Adderall Withdrawal symptoms. The times leading up to the choice of a residential treatment center can be racked with arguments, silences and even violence or threats of violence. Life changes dramatically once the troubled teen leaves home.

And that’s where the job of repairing a life begins on two fronts. It’s most important that the family members back at home are given training on how they should behave once the family is back together again. It’s crazy to have the troubled teen enjoy a successful time in the treatment center only to return home and have the therapists’ good work unravel. The family members need to take instruction in how to handle the ‘new’ arrival when the time in residence is over. There is a right way to handle the recovered teen and to take advantage of his or her ‘new’ personality and every family member must play their part.

The major aim of the programs on offer in the residential treatment centers is created after a lot of thought and planning. The programs aim to help the troubled residents undergo a serious and life changing experience. There is nothing left to chance. The one on one therapy sessions are obviously tailor made to tackle the specific problem or problems troubling each resident. The group therapy sessions give the residents the chance to see they are not alone. They can learn as much from hearing the trials of their fellow residents as they can from their personal sessions. And the programs give each resident a chance to make new friends. Many do just that and the friendships often continue once the once troubled teens return home.

Most programs are made up of three segments – therapy, academic and social. To make sure the overall program has a profound effect on each resident and that the benefits gained continue after the residential stay, all three aspects need to be included. Obviously the therapy has to be appropriate and intensive but the academic studies and social interaction are equally as important. The residents have their problems resolved through therapy, they maintain their schooling through a well planned and delivered academic program and they gain self confidence through the ongoing social activities in the center.

The atmosphere in a residential treatment center is one of a family, a community and the relaxed approach by members of staff and their constant attention to the needs of the residents gives support to the programs presented throughout the center. The programs do work and work well.


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