An Infrared Sauna Will Change Your Life Forever

To begin a discussion on infrared technology and its effect on the body, we first have to understand the significance of how the human body works from a bioelectric standpoint, and how the environment around us, reacts with us. Everything on the planet vibrates at a specific frequency; this may be hard for some people to understand because everything looks solid. It is hard to impress upon anybody reading an article on this subject matter how something such as ‘light’ or energy that we can’t even see, that we take for granted and are exposed to every day can have such a profound effect on our health. The human body is an extremely intricate and complicated bioelectric and biochemical organism which produces its own range of frequencies. For the moment; and for the purposes of this article we will concentrate mostly on a specific spectrum of frequencies that we are exposed to, and how they affect our health.

As stated, and as research has shown that the human body is a natural irradiation source, emitting its own bio-electric spectrum, if we can all agree on that, the rest of this discussion will be much easier to understand and accept. The electromagnetic spectrum is quite large and encompasses frequencies that we can see, and those we can’t. In the world around us the electromagnetic spectrum ranges from what are known as, all the way down to ‘gamma rays’, and theoretically on both ends of the spectrum the range is really infinite. Visible light is only a very small portion of this spectrum. In the range of frequencies discussed above, our body radiates far infrared (FIR) energy through the skin at frequencies that range between 3 to 50 microns long, with the median range being around 9.4 microns. These are very similar to the frequencies produced by infraredsauna high-quality far infrared devices made and sold on the market today. You may not be familiar with the far infrared energy as described above, but may have been exposed to it therapeutically and not even have known that you were. The ability to manipulate systemic far infrared energy production has been around for thousands of years, it is even practiced today in the form of Chi Gong and Reiki therapy.

With the new technology we have available to us today, we have progressed far beyond the ‘old ways’ and have moved into an era of new possibilities. Infrared is a form of radiant heat which is, in its simplest definition, a form of energy that heats (vibrates) anything it comes in contact with, without heating the air in between. Again without knowing it, we have been exposed to it for literally thousands of years, or at least it used to be that way… from the sun. But in recent years it has become medically unacceptable in some practitioners, and the National Cancer institutes eyes to receive any sun contact whatsoever. This misguided mindset and the current sheltered lifestyle that we have become accustomed to, in conjunction with nutritional deficits, lack of contact with the sun’s rays and the exposure to a full spectrum of environmental toxins; is simply a recipe for our physical demise!

Many of today’s diseases can be directly linked to nutritional and lifestyle choices. There are also other factors that are somewhat out of our control which are forced on us by corporate America. Stress, toxins and emotional turmoil build up in the body and are stored in the soft tissues systemically, both physically and energetically. There is a cascade of degradation that occurs when the body is not provided what it needs to function optimally, this includes receiving energy(3). A perfect example of this is a pathology called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), whereby due to lack of exposure to the sun’s infrared rays individuals become depressed and ‘present’ with forms of sub-clinical and other outright disease states. Far infrared frequencies reach deep into the cells of the body and produce what could be considered an atomic molecular resonance with the frequencies it is being exposed to. After exposure to infrared frequencies; the cells of the body begin to resonate (vibrate) at the same rate with the frequencies that it is being exposed to.

Every system in the body is affected by exposure to this form of energy. The most profound effect is on the nervous and circulatory systems(1). The autonomic nervous system (which affects heart rate, dilation of the pupils, digestion, sweating, respiration rate, salivation, urination and sexual arousal) is directly affected by the far infrared spectrum which reduces over-stimulation of sensory nerves. As exposure time increases, the temperature inside the cell begins to rise. The capillaries inside the exposed tissues dilate which increases the blood supply, as the cellular matrix vibrates, metabolism on every level inside the cell also increases, which therefore enhances one of the many benefits that infrared offers… the detoxification process.

This all sounds great… but is there any technology (that is high quality) available that you can buy which will provide you with these far infrared frequencies? Absolutely, there are a number of devices that are being sold on the web that claim to provide you with infrared, but in many cases it is a ‘buyer beware’ situation. It is an unfortunate reality that when new research is made available, that marketing companies start popping up everywhere that want to sell you the latest and greatest device. The problem for the consumer is that they have to weed through all the hype before they can find what is real. There are a few good companies that sell quality products, some of the more popular ones sell what are known as infrared saunas. The reason that the saunas are so popular is that they provide complete exposure from all sides to the body from heating units that are in the walls. There are variations of the heating units used in the saunas, but the two more popular ones are the carbon and carbon/ceramic heaters. If you do a side by side comparison of the two, you will find that the carbon/ceramic heaters provide the most complete therapeutically even distribution of far infrared frequencies. With these heaters you get the best of both worlds.

How do far infrared frequencies from saunas work, and how can I benefit from them?

ā€¢ They elevate the temperature of subcutaneous (under the skin) tissues

ā€¢ Toxic wastes are secreted by the sweat and urine

ā€¢ They very effectively expand the vascular capillary systems throughout the body which stimulates circulation

ā€¢ Penetration – FIR penetrates 1-1/2″ into soft tissue, so it is very effective in treating soft tissue damage

ā€¢ A boost in circulation increases movement of vascular fluids between blood vessels and tissues throughout the body, which then promotes soft tissue regeneration and overall health

ā€¢ There have been reports of significant pain reduction after exposure to infrared frequencies

ā€¢ They help to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms

ā€¢ They create a micro-resonance (vibration) which helps the body to detoxify itself from chemicals and other toxins that have been stored within the activated cells

ā€¢ They help to regulate the autonomic nervous system which reduces over-stimulation of sensory nerves

ā€¢ They have a direct impact on the immune system

ā€¢ Research also shows a direct correlation between the exposure to infrared frequencies and the regeneration of aging and damaged skin(2)

ā€¢ Safety – some devices that produce FIR frequencies produces wavelengths that are very similar to the body’s own bio-electric spectrum, researchers in Japan and Europe have found far infrared to be extremely safe

ā€¢ A number of hospitals and clinics around the world have incorporated the use of far infrared saunas and other such devices into their treatment protocols.

You may ask what the difference is between the traditional heat therapies such as you would find in a steam sauna or a dry heat sauna, and an infrared sauna. Traditional heat therapies can be hazardous to your health in a number of ways which include, but are not limited to being uncomfortable; they provide a perfect growth medium for bacteria and are just downright inefficient and ineffective. These kinds of saunas expose the body to extremely high temperatures causing ‘heat stress’ in the body, which can have a detrimental effect on your health, especially those who have a heart condition or high blood pressure.


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