Achieving Glamorous Wedding Hair

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and perfect glamorous wedding hair and make up go a long way towards making that a reality.

There are a varied range of wedding hairstyles that brides can choose from, but don’t feel that just because you have a short hairstyle, or hair that is difficult to style, that you cannot have long or flowing hair for your Wedding Hair Northern Ireland. Bridal hairdressers have a range of clever tips and tricks to help create whatever hairstyle it is that you want for your big day.

Popular bridal hairstyles vary from hollywood glamour and vintage styles, as well the more traditional updo, and you can just about achieve all of these with the help of your wedding hair stylist.

Updo / Hair Up

Wedding updos include structured buns, and half updo styles that accommodate a tiara or headpiece. If you don’t have long hair, a lovely hair-up style can still be created with the use of hair extensions.

Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces

Perfect for a wedding day hairstyle, hair extensions, hair pieces and hair moulds can be used to give your hair a fuller, thicker and more glamorous look. They look completely natural, yet can help to create the perfect wedding style that may not have been achievable otherwise.

Hair Down

Long hair can be curled and styled to give sexy loose curls, or perhaps you want the old-fashioned glamour of French rolls or chignons. Again extra body and volume can be created with some cleverly placed hair extensions which come in range of colours to suit your particular hair colour.

Wedding Hair Jewellery

If you choose to have wedding hair jewellery, or even a specific piece of wedding jewellery like a necklace or earrings, it will influence whether your wedding hairstyle is better suited to being an updo, half-up hairstyle or a longer flowing style. The cut of your dress across the neck and shoulders will also influence the hairstyle that is just right, so try to have these items available for your bridal hair stylist to view so that together you can work out the best style for you.

Wedding Theme

If you have a particular theme or style to your wedding, your hairstyle may be influenced by this too. Beach weddings usually have a more relaxed feel, often with loose and flowing hairstyles. Many brides are currently opting for vintage wedding hair and hollywood styles with glamour being the order of the day.



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