10 Reasons to Use Wood Pellet Boilers

If you’re looking to save money on your heating bill, and want to do your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, and reducing your consumption of fossil fuels, then you’ll want to know more about wood pellet boilers.

Here’s what you need to know.

Can replace fossil fuel boilers

Wood pellet boilers can replace oil and LPG boilers for people that are off the grid in rural areas. In addition, if you’re using a gas central heating system, then you could still save money and the environment by fitting a wood pellet boiler.

Fully automatic control

Modern pellet boilers are fully automatic and extremely easy to use. You’ll have the same sort of control and flexibility of a traditional combi boiler, but your new boiler will be much more economical to run.

Automatic ignition and cleaning
Many models of wood pellet Cv ketel vervangen feature an automatic ignition, and self cleaning system, which means that you don’t have to don’t have to do much at all in order to keep your home supplied with heat and hot water.

Less bulky fuel than logs or wood chips

Wood pellets are much smaller than logs or wood chips and so are easy to store and move around. In addition, as these pellets are manufactured, the quality can be maintained and guaranteed, so that you know you’ll always be able to get the best premium pellets to provide your heat and hot water.

Domestic installations

You can use these boilers for domestic and commercial heating, so no matter whether you need to save money, or want to do your bit for the environment at home, there is a wood pellet boiler for you.

Highly efficient

With many pellet boilers providing well over 90% efficiency, you’ll get much more heat from your pellets, than from other sources of heating such as gas or oil. Your old combi boiler could be as little as 60% efficient, and so you might be spending more money on your heating than you need to.

Commercial insulations

As well as suitable for domestic installations, wood pellet boilers can be used by those who generate a lot of heat and hot water. Hotels, sports clubs, leisure centres, care homes, gyms, hospitals, pubs and many more types of business can benefit from lower energy costs by using one of these boilers.

Low running costs

Wood pellets are likely to be cheaper than your current fuel, especially if you’re using oil for your heating. Long term fixed price contracts are available from some pellet suppliers, so you’ll be able to accurately budget for your heating costs, years in advance.

Long life

Thanks to the fantastic build quality and attention to detail, your new boiler will last you for many years. By following the manufacturer’s cleaning and servicing schedule, you will be able to rely on your boiler to provide you with the heat and hot water you need for your family or your customers.

Value for money

Wood pellet boilers offer incredible value for money, and when the government funded RHI (Renewable Heating Incentive), which pays a quarterly amount to those using renewable heating, making these boilers an even more attractive proposition.


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